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    The end of a successful year

    19 July 2016

    It has been a very productive and successful year for the Chiltern Learning Trust

    We have had an incredible range of individual, group and whole school successes within all of our schools and a number of other local schools, and some which are further afield, have expressed an interest in joining the Trust.

    Our students have achieved well in all areas and have taken part in some very high profile initiatives which have led to a significant amount of national exposure in the media and a whole host of accolades.

    We have expanded and strengthened our central team to ensure that all of our schools can access a comprehensive range of expertise and support and our teaching school has been instrumental in helping us to drive forward our school improvement objectives.

    Behind the scenes we have also been working hard to develop a robust strategy for the growth of the Trust which focuses on supporting and improving our existing schools and others within the local community.

    Our successes over the past few years have not gone unnoticed and we are currently in discussions with a number of schools that would like to join the Chiltern Learning Trust. One of these schools is Challney High School for Girls.

    We are delighted that the Governing Body at Challney Girls has taken the strategic decision to join the Trust and we have been working with them to ensure a smooth transition into the Trust. We will be starting our public consultation in September and we will be notifying parents, carers and members of the local community when this begins.

    September will mark the start of a new era for the Trust as we move forward with the development of the new Chiltern Academy and the due diligence and consultation processes for the new schools that wish to join us.

    We are also welcoming a number of very experienced staff members to our central and school teams and we are looking forward to the year ahead with a great deal of anticipation and excitement as we prepare to extend and improve the range of educational provision in the local area.

    These are exciting times for our staff, students and members of the local community and we are committed to providing even more families with a Chiltern Learning Trust education.

    Adrian Rogers – Chief Executive