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    In order to discharge their responsibilities the Directors appoint people with local interests and connections who have relevant expertise to serve on the Local Governing Body of each school. The board then delegates various agreed functions to the members of the Local Governing Body and meets at certain times throughout the year to provide guidance and assess and monitor progress.

    We are very fortunate to have wide range of skills and expertise within our local governing bodies and a group of people who are absolutely passionate about serving their community and obtaining the absolute best for every child.

    Our governors provide an exceptional level of challenge and support to each school on a voluntary basis with the sole ambition of raising standards and achievement.

    The role of the Local Governing Body is to:

    • implement and administer the Trust’s policies at local level and report termly to the Board of Trustees
    • monitor and be accountable for the performance and standards of the school to Ofsted
    • govern exclusions in accordance with appropriate regulations
    • consider budget monitoring information and proposals
    • act as a critical friend to the Headteacher
    • represent the views of the community.




    Challney Boys

    Denbigh High

    Dallow Primary

    Cedars Upper School



    Anne Thompson

    Heather Cox

    Sujel Miah

    Paul Denvir

    Paul Hammond


    Daniel Connor

    Donna Neely-Hayes

    Katharine Lovell

    Steve Palmer

    Ian Douglas

    Community Governor

    Naeem Akhtar


    Sarah Northwood

    Jo Churcher

    Graham Powell

    Community Governor

    Natalie Turner


    Karen Mankin

    Alan Perrott

    Jacqui Burnett

    Staff Governor

    Mark Mailer

    Anna Walczynska


    Lee Beaumont

    Sammia Bano

    Parent Governor

    Mohammed Saghir

    Nazia Shaheen

    Nabila Naz Khan

    Kathy Keeley

    Rehna Saeed

    Parent Governor

    Rahim Azim

    Rozina Butt

    Sajada Akhtar Mahmood

    Samantha Nunn

    Imran Bashir

    Co-opted Governor

    Caroline Littler

    Matt Ford

    Mohammed Tariq

    Gill Roche

    Rochelle White

    Co-opted Governor

    Ehsan Subhani

    Moniza Syeda

    Salma Khan

    Ruth Mundy

    Mark Lynch

    Co-opted Governor


    Kimberley Campbell



    Chloe Logan

    Co-opted Governor


    Cindy Ettienne-Murphy 



    Roisin Kendall

    Co-opted Governor

        Jarred Isles


    Challney Girls

    Putteridge High

    Marston Vale

    Linslade School

    Lark Rise Academy


    Rehana Faisal

    Bill Pollard

    Jim Bryce

    Elaine Rabbitt

    Pat Wilson


    Joanne Mylles

    David Graham

    Estelle Jennings

    Tracey Walbank

    Mark Gibbs

    Rebecca Daulman

    Community Governor

    Mick Wright

    Andrew Emerson

    John Symonds

    Jamie Marshall

    Amanda Hazell

    Community Governor

    Mobin Hussain

    Peter Shawley

    Dawn Clarke


    Lindsey Johnson

    Staff Governor

    Wagar Malik

    Umar Faruk

    Shelley Bent

    Julie Inns

    Linda Berry

    Parent Governor

    Amna Khan

    Philip Line

    Catriona Rolfe

    Joanne Morland

    Jo Patis

    Parent Governor

    Nazarkat Sherazi

    Paul Osborne

    Hugh Morley



    Co-opted Governor

    Karen Hooker

    Hlack Mohammed

    John Gibson

    Jeff Hooper

    Paul Keen

    Co-opted Governor

    Andrea Page


    Carrie McMorn

    David Holme

    Simon Bidgood

    Co-opted Governor


    Tim Detheridge

    Dave Hubber


    Co-opted Governor


    Anita Harvey



    Ardley Hill


    • has earned autonomy and helps support other schools in need of education help (if outstanding school)
    • is supported to improve Ofsted and pupil outcomes (if sponsored school)
    • supports and challenges pupil performance and standards
    • knows the strengths and weaknesses of the school
    • manages the behavior and safety of its pupils
    • supports the Headteacher in leading the staff
    • manages its own budget



    Neil Williams


    Jonathan Smith

    Community Governor

    Elaine Clinton

    Community Governor

    Ian Sawyer

    Community Governor

    Emma Mortimer

    Staff Governor

    To be elected

    Parent Governor

    Emma Browne

    Parent Governor

    Jeff Abraham

    Parent Governor

    Liz Shipp

    Co-opted Governor


    Co-opted Governor


    Co-opted Governor


    Co-opted Governor