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    Our vision is to educate, empower and inspire generations of children through a network of outstanding schools that are recognised at a local, regional and national level as being centres of excellence for teaching and learning.

    Our schools will be recognised as the most forward thinking and innovative organisations, and we will work closely with our communities to ensure that all our young people leave as high achieving, well- rounded individuals, fully prepared for life in modern Britain.



    The Chiltern Learning Trust is characterised by its unrelenting drive to ensure that every one of its students makes extraordinary progress, achieves exceptional standards and realises his or her potential within academies where best practice and innovation are commonplace.

    The Trust is committed to developing the whole person so that young people know:

    • their strengths and aspirations
    • what they care about in life and what drives them
    • what makes them happy and how to stay that way
    • how to remain optimistic and bounce back from setbacks
    • how to deal with their emotions
    • how to look after themselves and live healthy fulfilling lives
    • how to support others
    • how they can contribute to making society a better place for themselves, others and future generations.

    The Trust will do this by offering them a first-class education within each individual academy, and by offering outstanding enrichment opportunities which will offer them unique experiences and see them truly stand apart from others.

    Valuing our students

    The values below describe the guiding principles and beliefs of the Trust. They set the ethos and climate in the Trust's academies.

    We believe all children and young people can achieve high standards, however challenging their circumstances and background. Students and staff practise the values of integrity, compassion, understanding and tolerance. As a result our students are:

    • honest, trustworthy and true to their word
    • kind, humane, gracious and empathetic
    • considerate, generous, sympathetic and forgiving
    • open-minded, receptive and patient, yet strong and resilient.

    We encourage our students to be self-disciplined, determined and creative. They are confident, able to express themselves eloquently and importantly, have the ability to think for themselves. They are encouraged to take responsibility and control their lives and their learning by acquiring the knowledge, skills, values and attributes necessary to succeed in life in the 21st century.

    We see these attributes as being vitality, competence, professionalism, resilience, articulacy and artistry.

    Our students will:

    • have flair, sparkle and enquiring minds
    • have deep knowledge and understanding, and through continuous practice, are able, proficient and have good judgement
    • are civil, reliable, dedicated, willing and ready to learn
    • are flexible yet strong, quick to recover and eager to bounce back.
    • speak fluently, persuasively and with confidence both in private and in public
    • not least, have great skill in creative endeavours. They draft, redraft and continuously practise until they show mastery and finesse

    These core values and attributes will help them be successful in their own right, and enable them to become sensible, sensitive, responsible and decent young people who will make a significant and meaningful contribution to their families, communities, and society as a whole.

    Valuing our staff

    The Trust recognises that staff are its most important resource and the key to our students' success. We want to employ and develop outstanding teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff, who genuinely aspire to excellence, are truly excited by challenge, love to take risks, and have a passion to co-develop and co-construct "next practice" with their students and fellow practitioners.

    We believe that every staff member has the right to be outstanding, and we invest in our workforce and offer them high-quality CPD to ensure every member reaches his/her potential. Furthermore the Trust will:

    • allocate to you a career coach, who will advise and guide you in your professional development
    • offer you greater responsibility for your professional development by allowing you to determine how best to use your CPD investment and personal choice in the use of training days
    • encourage and provide opportunities for you to engage in Action Research and Joint Practice Development across the Trust, and to support you in gaining a Masters degree
    • ensure you have access to excellent resources, and that expertise and best practice is freely shared across the Trust.
    • help realise your potential, by offering opportunities for career progression across the Trust.

    The Trust also understands the pressures on staff and how these are heightened during periods of rapid change. We are committed to supporting staff and ensuring their well-being as a far as we are able. The Trust will:

    • help newly / recently qualified teachers find suitable, affordable accommodation
    • offer free tea, coffee and cool water throughout the day
    • offer a range of facilities and discounted benefits to support your wellbeing e.g. access to Inspire sports facilities, yoga/pilates classes, self-defence classes, first aid classes etc.
    • organise regular social events including celebratory events
    • offer child care vouchers, and a Cycle to Work scheme
    • look to your personal well-being by providing you and your family access to a counsellor

    Valuing our community

    Our academies are an extension of the communities they serve. As an organisation we will act responsibly and in their best interests, ensuring that we actively engage with all sections of the community.

    Our academies will make a positive contribution to their communities through collaboration with community leaders, partners, local organisations and businesses, and we expect our staff to approach our community partners to provide opportunities to extend our students' experiences and learning.

    We believe that our students’ involvement in their community is an important stepping stone that will help to prepare them for the future and life in modern Britain, ensuring that they have an understanding of shared values and an appreciation of the British values of liberty, democracy, tolerance, the rule of law and compassion for others.
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